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I am a photographer and screenwriter based in Amsterdam. My work lies somewhere in between reality and fiction. I use the photographic medium to confront the real world, and screenwriting to create a dream-like journey of fiction and fantasmagoria.

After graduating from Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, I started my career as an art director for well-known women's and fashion magazines such as Elle, Numero, Numero Homme, and Very Elle. A few years later, I was drawn to the publishing world, and designed books for publishers such as Hazan and Calmann Levy.
I collaborated with Raymond Depardon on the production of his Paris-Journal photography book. That marked a turning point in my career, revealing even more my passion for photography. Producing a book for and with Raymond Depardon… Listening to him talking about his work... Organizing his 800 photo prints... Analyzing each image… It was quite an experience! Afterwards you have only one desire: to pick up a camera.
I then became the personal assistant to world renowned acting coach Suzanne Batson and to Juliette Binoche. It was the best acting and script analysis training ever! An intensive and baroque private lesson. A striking experience! What a shock!
Following my passion for theatre, I studied the techniques of the Actor Studio with Jack Waltzer.
When starting out as a photographer, I also taught in art schools in France and in the United Kingdom, on subjects such as the history of magazines publishing, graphic design, and narrative experimentation from book to film.
Together with my partner Delphine Gubert we launched the production company Little Big Pictures in 2013
and we developed photographic and film-making projects. I also edited photo reports for magazines and images for luxury industries. I shot on-set photography while working in New York with director Ira Sachs, and my work was exhibited at the Sundance Film Festival and the Amiens International Film Festival, of which I became the official portrait photographer.

Today I focus on portrait and documentary photography,
along with screenwriting, in the pursuit of constant back and forth movement between the two.

A glimpse of miscellaneous recent projects as an introduction to the portfolio: from portraits of artists, feature films' behind-the-scenes, documentaries' black & white portraits...
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